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What is Green Pride!
  Green Pride is a vision of the bicycle’s role in sustainability that is fast becoming the watchword of 21st century American life.  Most certainly, bicycle riding has too many caveats to be everyday transport for mainstream America, but today’s imperatives make it the ideal vehicle for short trips, running errands and better health.

The biggest roadblock is a thought process that dwells on a well-known laundry list of impracticalities from traffic concerns to weather and lack of basic amenities for riders when they reach a destination. The truth is that every day is different, and riding when it’s as convenient as not begins a process that’s healthy, saves money and helps the planet.

First and foremost, bicycles are not just for summer anymore.  In our climate there’s a 7-9 month window of riding opportunity.  We live in a region where outdoor activity is a year round fact of life and we know enough to dress appropriately for the conditions.

In the dead of winter, properly dressed people eagerly assault the ski slopes for an hour or two at a time and revel in the rugged exhilaration of cold weather recreation. It therefore isn’t logical to put bikes away just because it’s cold. On sunny days above freezing when roads are dry, appropriately dressed riders find an hour or so on a bicycle very enjoyable.  Green Pride expects to deliver that message and by momentum put in place simple, low cost amenities for the bicycle rider.

The incentive for merchants and municipalities to accommodate bike riders is not only about the demands of our changing world. There are everyday economic benefits that also include a sense of community a slower pace brings with it.

Some riders come with incentives provided by local business while others are just because it’s fun.  Most have no structure other than going for a ride and doing something that usually involves a car.  Portsmouth NH is the hub because its streets are more amenable to bikes and pedestrians than to cars.

Indeed the Maine and New Hampshire seacoast is blessed with a truly unique road infrastructure, in which two highways (I95 & Route 1) carry virtually all the fast traffic. Every other road started out as cart paths carved by settlers in the 1600’s leading to homesteads and villages.  They were built within hailing distance of the ocean and followed the path of least resistance as defined by retreating glaciers. 

Centuries later nothing has changed, except that the roads were widened and graded when the Model T came along. That remains pretty much the level of motorized vehicle that these roads are suited for. Today, by default, they’ve become the bike paths of the 21st century. They are also an unpromoted resource for tourism (our one industry that hasn’t been exported) and will remain with us as long as that big beautiful pond remains by our front door.

Bicycle tourism is a big deal and Green Pride is a call to the legions of bicycle riders looking for quiet, scenic riding with places to stay and things to do once the ride is over.

It’s time for all of us who live here to get on this bandwagon. 

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