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Dress as if it's 10 degrees colder

pixelIn the fall don’t be beguiled by 65°-70° readings; dress as if its 10 degrees colder. Legs are the power plant and the warmer the better.  Riders wearing long sleeve jerseys with shorts should try it vice-versa.
pixelFall riding is the same as spring skiing. Once the body is working, temperatures in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are extremely comfortable and wind chill isn’t the same on a bike. Quartering and tailwinds coddle a body moving in the same direction and knowing the roads make it easy to avoid prolonged headwinds.
pixelIn extreme cold clothing technology and a working body’s heat along with chemical extremity warmers actually make it comfortable but no thanks from this corner.
pixelWhat isn’t possible in extreme cold weather is fixing a flat and most anything else.  It’s a gloves off job and the cold quickly degrades dexterity and sanguinity.  Last but not least, the clothing only protects when the body is working continuously.

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