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Seacoast Area Bicyle Routes (SABR)

We seek to make cycling a part of
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We exist to promote safe and effective bicycle transportation in the Greater Seacoast region of New Hampshire and southern Maine

The most current news and information for
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Through safety, education and access, the BCM is working to promote bicycling to enhance our communities, environment, and economy. BCM is a membership-based, nonprofit organization whose strength comes from bicyclists like you who support their good work. The more bicyclists that join the BCM, the more effective they are in making Maine a better place to bicycle. Please show your support today by becoming a member. Click on the map to or this link to view their site.  
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George's Pan Mass Challenge

George Prive with Connor Drewor

George (left) shares a moment with Connor Drew.



Eleven years ago, Connor Drew became the catalyst that brought George and his bike into the rank and file of the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). On December 4, 2003, Connor's dad, Doug Drew, lost his own 2-year battle with cancer. George's 2004 PMC ride was in Doug's memory. Each year George's efforts have exemplified the heart and determination of one who is committed to the vision of the Jimmy Fund and the research of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

George has been the owner/operator of the Hampton Falls Village Market for more than eleven years. He is an avid bike rider and logs an average of 5,000 miles per year. He is married to Paula (a cancer survivor) and has two grandsons, Adam and Mitchell.

The 2005 PMC was his tenth year in the saddle. Each of the previous years found George among the "Heavy Hitters" or those with pledges exceeding an established goal with the 2006 level set at $6,000. Pledges from his supporters last year exceeded $63,000 for a ten year grand total over $279,000.

George rides a US POSTAL road bike similar to the bikes ridden by members of the US Postal Team during the Tour de France. Considering the abuse a bike will take during the training period, maintenance becomes a very important aspect of safety and comfort. George's bike is maintained through the cooperation of the owner and technicians of Gus's International Bicycle Shop of North Hampton, New Hampshire.

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