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Intro to Tour de France 2006
submitted by Dave Balkin on 6/29/06

pixel2005 saw Lance Armstrong’s unprecedented 7th consecutive and final Tour De France victory.
I wrote these daily reports because a best friend and cancer survivor who is a passionate Lance fan knew nothing about cycling and wanted to understand what was up. He asked me to email him a brief summation of each day’s stage. It’s presented here in edited form as it may be useful to refer to for those following my report of this years’ race.
pixelActually it took a while to really get into it so the first 7 stages were covered in 3 installments but after that it became a daily report that seemed a waste without at least an attempt at wider exposure. My friend Ian Logue operates a fan based New England Patriots website and for grins he agreed to post these articles as they were written.
pixelI only mention this because there are a lot of predictions that came true but there was no attempt or need to make myself look smarter through revisionist history . Lance was predestined to win as long as the earth did not swallow him whole. Anyone with above average curiosity and navigational skills can find the original articles buried deep within the archives of and check that out for themselves.


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