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pixelIt’s Saturday 10/21/06, the wind is from the WNW 15-25 mph and gusting to 40 mph.  It’s 49° and sunny at 2:30 PM which is late to start as the sun’s angle is bothersome to dangerous.
pixelFor most this is not bike riding weather; too windy and chilly but the conditions sound far worse than they are. In proper regalia with no exposed skin.
pixelThe 2 hour ride was great and parts of it were like flying. Even into the wind it wasn’t all that hard and not at all cold.  The sun makes it feel 10 degrees warmer and is a blessing, albeit mixed, as it can momentarily blind both rider and driver. On winter rides I structure my ride so heading home is always with the sun at my back.
pixelIn colder weather, riding loops close to home is where it’s at. Save riding far a field for warm weather.   Colder weather riding loses every inch of its considerable charm once the bike won’t go.  Loop riding offers a decent chance some driver who’s passed you a few times or maybe someone you know will stop and offer a lift.  Carry a cell phone; it can be worth its weight in gold.
pixelThere is no good advice regarding the Sagamore Bridge the connector between Portsmouth and Rye on what is officially designated as a bike route.  It’s scary to ride for all but the most accomplished; it’s impossible when wet and dangerous to walk anytime.  It’s a dangerous lack of thought placing an obstacle on a byway designated as a haven for cyclists.

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