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Women are better riders than men.


pixelAt the elite level all riders are dialed into perfecting technique and men as the stronger of the species rule.  But in the recreational world it’s the opposite.  The everyday woman is more mentally and physically suited to the bicycle than the everyday man and in everyday bike life are just plain better riders. The bike is the great equalizer and from there it’s pure science.  Here’s proof.   
pixelScience tells us the not so humble bicycle is the most efficient device known in converting human energy into motion.  Science also dictates moving through the air is 70-90% of the resistance felt when pedaling.  Reducing drag to its minimum, the world bicycle speed record on flat land by a single rider is 81 mph; that’s on something that looks like a two wheeled caterpillar.  FYI that critter has a theoretical top speed of 90 mph.  
pixelBut here’s a shocker, a tandem bicycle of similar design only went 61mph, also a world record. The only possible conclusion is weight and aerodynamics are a virtual mountain range to big riders and a slippery slope for the small.    
pixelWomen as the smaller of our species take these built-in advantages to another level. Because being stronger than men is not genetically programmed, most don’t have a psychological hint, let alone a complex that raw strength is the answer.  They don’t pound the pedals or grind big gears but intuitively work with the machine and in doing that conserve energy by riding more smoothly.  
pixelIt’s technique not strength that opens a world where the bike reveals the better way to make it go. Less weight more than makes up for less strength as the aforementioned tandem proved.  That, along with a more slippery profile and proven greater endurance, are a female’s on board partners in this winning trifecta.   
pixelCheck it out after a long charity or group ride and take a close look as riders peel themselves off their bikes.  Give everyone a couple of minutes and the women look fresh enough to have just come from a garden party while most of the men still look cooked.  Long distance cycling’s easier for small people especially those of the feminine persuasion.
pixelLess weight, improved aerodynamics and greater endurance are based in science but believe it or not so is the last part of the successful riding equation—looking good on a bike.  Women excel there too.
pixelIn many sports form is a matter of individual preference and awkward yet effective styles abound. Baseball sluggers hit home runs from all sorts of weird stances but in cycling there’s only one right way and how good you look dictates how well you ride.
pixelUpper body movement is clearly not the way to propel a bike; that’s what the pedals are for.  Men move all over the bike using upper body strength to move big gears to make it go fast.  That only works for quick acceleration.  It’s a technique used by sprinters but after 200 meters it’s over and a huge waste of energy.  
pixelWomen don’t think like that.  Women understand that looking good is its own reward and without the burden of raw strength the path to a better way comes clear.  By not trying to overpower the bike they sit lighter, pedal more easily, go just as fast over real world distances and conserve a lot of energy.
Women are also dialed in to the form fitting stretch gear that disciplined cycling demands.  It’s neither sexist nor a surprise that they’re far more comfortable wearing Lycra than are men. They wear it everywhere.  No guy wearing tights and in his right mind walks into a supermarket or anywhere in public.  That said, too many beginning men refuse to look strange and make do on the bike with more presentable looking gear that gets in their way.
pixelHistorical proof of women’s riding prowess is revealed in early bike posters that almost exclusively featured women.  No that wasn’t rooted in attracting the male market. That wasn’t necessary; men were already champing at the bit for this newfangled miracle; boys and their toys is history’s common denominator.  Yes Virginia, the use of women on posters was in recognition that women and bicycles were meant for each other.  
pixelWay back when, the bike was revolutionary.  Almost out of nowhere came this magic machine that took our world by storm and one undeniable revelation was the “weaker sex” rode as well as men.  The bike so dazzled everyone that female equality on it was lost in the shuffle of blatant male supremacy.
Bike companies trying to sell as many bikes as possible targeted women who turned out to be eager customers.  Then came the car and the bike revolution was over; once again male dominance was made safe for democracy.  
pixelYou’d think by now that health concerns and soaring gasoline prices would see a mass return to the bike.  That’s not going to happen probably ever; but for any woman looking to stay healthy, feel strong and do some global good I hope this provides the understanding that the bicycle is uniquely suited to you.  Go for it ladies; start a healthy revolution.

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